All pick-ups must be scheduled.

Please be courteous of our time. All customers are given a half hour window to pick up their items. Orders that are not picked up within the allocated 30-minute time frame will result in a $15 late fee every 15 minutes past thereafter.

Any late fee must be paid at the time of pick up and is the responsibility of the person who initiated the order. Late charges can be paid via Cash, Venmo or Credit Card (3.5% fee added for this payment option)

We do not recommend transporting cakes more than 2 tiers yourself. If you wish to pick up a cake against this recommendation, We will do their best to pack the cake safely for you as well as advising you on best methods of transportation. However, once the cake leaves our location We cannot be held responsible for anything that may occur to it. Please make sure to inspect your cake before departure to ensure everything was made to proper specifications with correct spellings, etc. We will be happy to fix anything before you leave the shop but cannot be held responsible for any details you are unhappy with afterward. 


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